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There Is More To Theme Parks Than Having Fun
Vacation destinations are usually viewed as places where people travel to relax and escape from the realities of everyday life. When going on an excursion to a tropical island or an amusement park, it is easy to forget how much hard work is put into creating the perfect experience guests. Walt Disney World, located in Orlando, Florida, is one of the most popular vacation destinations for families all around the world. Disney World is known for its ability to bring fairytales to life through themed attractions and interactive character experiences. From the outside, it may appear that this vacation spot only exists to make a profit, but the implementation of creativity and hard work has shown me that success and happiness can be created through those means.
I learned from riding the rides at Walt Disney World that it is because of the
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Buckminster Fuller, the inventor of the geodesic dome, said,“We define ourselves by the space with which we surround ourselves” and I can relate this to visiting the Disney World theme parks. At Disney World, creativity and hard work are showcased at their finest and by example I come to view myself as hard working and creative. Walt Disney World inspired me to start a media company where I write articles and produce videos that bring my imagination to life. Since I have started doing this, I have become a happier person because I truly enjoy working on my craft and making myself and others happy, which is similar to what Disney does. Hard work is an aspect of life that the theme parks have instilled into my thought process about any task I pursue. When I do not feel like writing an article or creating a video, I think about how not everything is going to be easy and in some cases a great effort is necessary in order to achieve

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