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According to the survey, most of the interviewees seemed to accept to regard “Hong Kong Movies” as a piece of local cultural heritage and it should be preserved. On the other hand, the respondents tended to rate more on the old Hong Kong Movies (before 2000) than the newer. What need to be mentioned is that traditional Hong Kong films and old film actors are even more popular nowadays than those newer. Also, Kungfu and action are considered to be two of the main genres of it.

Among all the respondents, more than two third (72%) preferred western film rather than those of HK or other countries. In addition, little interviewees liked to watch Hong Kong films nowadays (14%) compared to the old one (86%.) All this figures tended to appear that “Hong Kong Movies” is declining.

To analysis the reason, one half of them thought “Hong Kong Movies” nowadays is lacking of creativities followed by “lack of famous actors” (29%.) What is more, since almost all the respondents valued more on the genre of movies which may be a decisive factor for them to choose whether to watch a film or not, three quarters of all did not think the genre of it nowadays cater to their preference.

Most of the interviewees have a strong opinion that old “Hong Kong Movies” was successful because of the Kungfu. More than half of them who believed in
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Film companies should carry more responsibilities and produce more good-quality, proper-genre and innovative films. Also, government could set up funds to organize movie festivals, give subsidy to help Hong Kong films’ advertising and invest more to establish more acting academies. Also, during the process of promoting “Hong Kong Movies” to younger generations, one of the most important elements is to induce more local features and values into the movies, which can probably attract more young people to watch Hong Kong

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