MBO Cinema Case Study

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MCAT Box Office Sdn Bhd or also known as MBO Cinemas has been slowly but consistently climbing the vertical road of success especially since the attainment of Big Cinemas back in 2012. Now one of the top three largest cinema chains in Malaysia, MBO shows no sign of slowing down as it plans to open up more new locations in the near future. This company was founded in 2003 and grow up successfully in 2012. The CEO of the company, Lee Eng Hee said that the company improve a lot with separate into 26 branch around the Malaysia include Sabah and Sarawak. The MBO Cinemas now have 191 screens with the new technology of video and audio systems. The biggest cinema was located at Habour Place in Klang with 11 screens and 1362 seats. MBO spread their …show more content…

Everything are focusing on how MBO cinemas consolidate the position. Now the company on the number three cinema in Malaysia in terms of cinema screen and locations, as well as the amount of market share of the Box Office. In 2014, our return of profits per screen was higher than in 2013 even though we had less screens, because still maintain our market share in the growing market. MBO also grew about 6 percent last year, even with 2 cinemas and 10 screens less. Growth cannot be purely driven by new builds. As a business, MBO have to ensure create a healthy growth rate in all areas of the business MBO cinemas spread to 26 outlets with 191 screens that can make the strong in third biggest cinemas in Malaysia. These business customer are happy to get as many of the region close to many and big shopping mall. Also our customer can enjoy our live stage performance. All the outlets located in the mainly shopping mall in every city. With this, the moviegoers can go in nearly place to feel the amazing viewing of this …show more content…

The economic factors can influence the cinemas because the customers don’t have the money to watch the movie and buy the ticket. In this place in might be the cinemas in down and dangerous situations. Politics also Cinema’s risk factors, because governments can rapidly transform a business rules that negatively disturb Cinema’s business such as in Indonesia that the government don’t make the cinemas in that state. The new company must know about the company that they want to compete. For the new company that want to joint in this industry must have big capital to build the cinemas with the latest of system technology of cinemas that can make the customers can choose the new company compare the others companies. They also get high of threats that can make the company cannot run stable in this industry. In this case, the customers don’t worried about the services of the MBO cinemas, because they always make the best for the customers that can make the customers feel great while watch their favourite movies. The MBO cinemas also, always make the customers to come and use the cinemas services because have many promotions that make the customers loyal with this

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