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She is the one who stayed. In my life, I have been walked over so many times. Alicia is the only one who has never left my side. She’s the reason I get out of bed to go to school, because it certainly isn’t for all the jerk that hate us. She stuck with me through the hard times and is always a part of the good. I now know why they call it a best friend, it’s because she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Regular friends come and go but Alicia Marie Whitson is my other half and has always been there for me.
People ask “How long have you known each other?” They also ask “Have you been friends since kindergarten?” We always respond with “We actually have only known each other for a year.” I get why they think that. We know everything
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We were okay with only having each other. Although this boy named will came along and all hell broke loose. He asked out Alicia and after she politely declined, desired to be her friend. Since me and Alicia are so close we are considered what you call a package deal. This means if you hate one of us, then you pretty much hate us both. He decided to be friends with the both of us and this lasted all of the following summer. Eventually we realized that he was a fake friend. He just wanted to be friends with us so that he could get with her. That hit me really hard and I felt used. He is an insulting and uneducated swine. Alicia realized how rude he was to me and we ended that friendship. Sill me and Alicia worked through it and it made us even closer.
Currently things are so much better than I thought they could ever be. At the end of 9th grade we became friends with this boy Ethan. He says the stupidest things that make us laugh and it is so great. He gets how close me and Alicia are and isn’t intimidated by it. He is just a guy who doesn’t really care about anything other than trucks and his social life. Its great now having two best friends, but it’s even better having one that can drive you places! We are the dynamic trio and we have the best of laughs. Life is definitely at its ups right now in the social terms of
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