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The ’90s was a time for wonderful things. It used to be the time of Hiraya Manawari and Bayani. It made our years lots of fun, hide and seek obsessed childhood. A lot of us didn’t know anything. That time, we had too plenty of strength even after a long day in school but still did not dare take a nap or sleep. What did we preffer for? Snack Time!

Merienda or Snack time, was one of the most favorite by 90’s kids. Our snacks have been simply as colorful as our 90’s culture. We chewed on them while looking at some of the most favorite shows or cartoons of our time. Some of these snacks can still be seen at Sari Sari Stores. But nothing will ever beat the unexplained happiness that came along with opening our childhood snacks.

Hera are some of the Filipino
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You have choices to make, chocolate or milky flavor. Even though you almost choked when you sipped the powder too hard, you still never learn your lesson and finish the whole package anyway.
Potchi was a newcomer throughout our grade school days. Hence, it was all the rave. That strawberry gummy sweet made us all happy.
Sweet Corn
Crunchy and sweet corn-flavored balls. Another attempt to make ~healthy~ snacks for kids because you can get away with eating chichirya, it 's corn naman eh hehe.
Bubble Jug, Bubble Tape, and Ouch
Remembering the proper old days of ’90s childhood is not whole without bubble gum. We had these great bubble gum candies, even in tape form! Okay, they had been not Philippine-made and not to point out the hefty rate tag, however, we still begged our dad and mom to purchase them for us. When they said yes, the moment was actually golden.
Cheese Ring
Our fingers would be blanketed in cheese after wrapping these rings around them! Most of us got scolded for all the cheesy mess, but they were actually well worth getting your mom mad for. We’re sure they are a remedy food to many grownups even now!
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