High School Lunches Research Paper

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Effects of Having First Lunch Over Second Lunch is a time where for thirty minutes everyone settles down to eat and laugh with their friends In many high schools, such as Mountain Pointe High School, there are two lunches to accommodate the student body because one lunch would be too crowded and large. There is first lunch, which is also called fourth lunch because it occurs after third period and then there is second lunch, also called fifth lunch because it is after fourth period. Both lunches have their benefits, but the ones from first lunch can have a tremendous impact. In general, the effects of first lunch instead of second can greatly improve the quality of life for a student. First lunch is better than second because the student can eat sooner. That seems obvious enough. But why does that matter? Well, when the author of this paper was a freshman in high school, she had fifth lunch instead of fourth. She did not know if one was better than the other because of course, she was young and inexperienced. Every fourth period, she would be starving and completely zoned out of class because of her extreme hunger. Waiting that excruciating hour for food was torture, since her …show more content…

For example, sometimes the school will serve spaghetti in little plastic bowls with meatballs. But unfortunately, the meals are so popular that by the time students come to fifth lunch about an hour later, all the food is gone. Or, if there is still some left, it is soggy and lukewarm under the dull heat lamps. The consequence is that some students have to pick another meal, or they have to eat an unsatisfactory lunch that will leave them hungry for the rest of the day, like eating one roll of cheap, and usually stale, mini donuts. Finally, there are mental benefits of having first lunch over

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