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Have you ever taken a good a look at our community and the problems in it? Most of our community families have seen all of the abundance of litter, vandalism and people not controlling their speeds. Almost all of our problems come from people in our community that litter in our parks, vandalize properties, and we need to control our speeders. Besides speeding, one of our main problems in our community is teenagers vandalizing other people's property. This is apparent because according to OnlineParentingCoach the author wrote, “ Some of the behaviors and situations that are linked to adolescent vandalism include: feeling hostile towards that owner and/or peer pressure.” Without a doubt this could tell us that your children could be influenced…show more content…
According to the author wrote, “ An average amount of steps a person will hold a piece of trash before they litter is 12 paces.” This should tell us as a community that we need to add more trash cans in our neighborhoods and parks to ensure us a clean community.Throwing trash on the side of the road and on the ground looks bad, but it also hurts animals and plants.Not only does it look bad, but litter such as broken glass or metal cans can cut children like you. If you were playing soccer and stepped on a shard of glass under a pile of papers, it would change your whole day. Being near large piles of trash could cause you to get sick. Litter can be extremely dangerous to animals, who can’t always tell it apart from food. Sometimes they eat litter, which can kill them in large amounts. It’s full of chemicals and large pieces of plastic can block parts of their stomach and intestines. They can also try to lick food out of containers, which can get their faces stuck. Small animals can walk through holes in plastic and get stuck as well. The animal gets trapped or stuck in the piece of litter. This can make it harder for them to breathe, eat, and move, which can eventually kill the animal as well. It is clear that we need more trash cans to prevent littering in our

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