Essay On Abraham Lincoln's Assassination

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"Honest Abe" is not all that Americans think. Sources state that Abraham Lincoln was assassinated because of the money he printed debt-free ("Whiteout Press"). But the real reason John Wilkes Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln was because Lincoln suspended writ of habeas corpus, arrested people that spoke out against him and oversaw concentration two camps. Abraham Lincoln 's assassination is directly correlated to him being a war criminal ("Southern Sentinel"). Firstly, Abraham Lincoln suspended writ of habeas corpus (any state that orders your arrest must justify your imprisonment before a judge) ("ListVerse"). Lincoln first imprisoned Maryland 's legislator, but then set his eyes on the rest of the country authorizing imprisonment of…show more content…
Thirdly, Lincoln oversaw two concentration camps ("ListVerse"). In 1863 Lincoln oversaw one of the biggest land-grabs in history; taking the Navajos and Mescalero Apaches out of their New Mexico territory and putting them into Bosque Redondo. And for the Confederates, they were put into Camp Douglas. Called “hell on Earth." The reason, because it was supposed to hold 6,000 prisoners. But usually held 12,000. Plus, there was not enough food, so the inmates were fed spoiled meat and potatoes, and the lack of sewers meant piles of waste built up which as a consequence meant health was terrible ("ListVerse"). Smallpox, malaria, and other diseases ran like wildfire. However, because of all of this the prison hospital was overflowing with the sick and disabled. Also, it got so cold the winter inmates would freeze to death. But for the Native Americans instead of being cold they were hot; thousands of people were herded across the desert to get to Bosque Redondo. Getting there was a death march; the Native Americans were enclosed by an army who executed stragglers ("ListVerse"). Once at Bosque Redondo, the Native Americans were put into filthy, disease-ridden camps and left to die. Near the time the decision was over turned, one-third of the Native Americas were dead. But then again massacres were routine and often went unpunished
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