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Mitophagy introduces to the autophagy of mitochondria. It is an important cellular process that is responsible for breaking down cellular contents. It is saving energy and safeguarding against accumulation of damaged and aggregated molecules. Mitophagy trusts on the existence of main controllers of autophagy. Some of the proteins are established to be included in mitophagy but not in common autophagy. Xenophagy is the process by which a cell directs autophagy against pathogens. The particular process of securing cells from the destruction is called Xenophagy. It has been widely affected for some of bacterial infections. It is given the powerful role of autophagy in tumor suppression. It specifically involves pathogens and other non-host entities. Autophagy permits the process of degrading and reusing of cellular components. Throughout this process, aimed cytoplasmic constituents are detached from the rest of the cell within a double-membraned vesicle recognized as an autophagosome. Proteins can undergo the process of degrading by the proteasome or by lysosomes. Transfer of proteins to lysosomes for the process of degrading, or autophagy, can occur through dissimilar mechanisms. There are three vital natural processes of autophagy in the cell,…show more content…
It is a cell self-digestive, lysosomal degradation pathway. Recently accumulating documentation has emphasize the selective elimination by autophagy of unwanted components like aberrant protein aggregates, lipid droplets, dysfunctional organelles and invading pathogens. There is some evidence in certain setting that pharmacologic or generic inhibition of autophagy can prevent cell death. Autophagy is complicated in various aspects of cell physiology, and its regulatory mechanism is associated with a range of diseases. The regulation of autophagy is complicated, and the process must be properly modulated to maintain cellular

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