Essay On Becoming A Nursing Assistant

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There a dozen of us stood, giddy with the feeling of accomplishment that we had passed and elated that we were done. As we received our certificate for completion of the certified nursing assistants course, we looked ahead to ponder what was going to be done with our new knowledge. We would never be together as a class again, but we would all have a special bond that would forever connect us. The course was just a start to what I had in mind for a later career, but I couldn’t imagine where I would be without it. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my future. The constant pressure of dealing with teachers, parents and guidance counselors asking what I was planning on for a career was enough to seriously get me thinking. After hearing there were local CNA classes, I signed up for the first class I was able to take after turning the required age of sixteen. Numerous hours in my bedroom studying and memorizing vocabulary took up the majority of my free time after my high school classes. During the class, I …show more content…

The idea had played around in my head for months. Would I have enough ambition to complete all the years it would take? Could I pay for it all, or would I be left with an enormous debt? These questions faded when I thought about the impact I could have on others after finishing my degree. By getting my CNA, it has led to me to learning new topics, meeting outstanding and kind people and helped me decide my future career. If I was asked a couple years ago if I would become a doctor, my response would instantly be “no”. Obtaining my certified nursing assistant degree has opened many doors and opportunities that I wouldn’t be able to envision without completing the course. This fall I plan to attend the University of Iowa with a pre medicine major. Over the next eight to twelve years I hope to gain more knowledge on subjects, like seizures, that will allow me to assist others on a new

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