Essay On Cell Phones Cause Cancer

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× “Cell Phones cause Cancer”
MISCONCEPTION: Cellular phones or mobile phones release harmful radiation that lead to brain cancer and/or tumors.
FACT: The truth is that although mobile phones do release electromagnetic radiation, the radiation released by them is non-ionizing radiation. This means that those signals do not have the power to cause mutations in cells or DNA. Your phone releases Microwave Radiation, the same radiation that can cook food in the kitchen. The only reason that your ear or brain does not get ‘cooked’ by your phone is that those signals does not have sufficient power to do so. So the next you use your phone to place a call, remember that your phone not any more harmful than a tissue paper. Read more at
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Okay, okay, this time I have to admit that microwaves emitted by a microwave oven ARE harmful enough to give you cancer. But, you’ll get cancer only if you’re exposed to them. Standing in close proximity to a microwave oven does NOT expose you to microwave radiation. All microwave ovens have a metal mesh or cage, which is usually grounded. Go, check it out, you should see a wire or metal mesh going through the door of your microwave oven. This is what’s known as a Faraday Cage, named after Michael Faraday. This faraday cage serves two purposes. One, It protects you and the other components of the microwave oven from high voltage discharges. Where does this dangerously high voltage would come from, you might ask. Well, from inside the microwave oven. Some food items, like grapes cut into halves, produce plasma and dangerously high voltage when bombarded with microwaves in a microwave oven. Metals too display this property, that’s why you’re asked not to place anything metallic in a microwave. Okay, second, the grounded Faraday cage absorbs microwave radiation that might get out of the microwave. This is also why a microwave immediately shuts down when you open the microwave door in the middle of cooking. This prevents the microwave radiation from leaving the oven, and giving you

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