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Name: Rita Thomas

Causative Agent: Clostridium perfringens
Disease: Gas Gangrene, food poisoning

Classification of the causative agent: C. perfringens is a gram-positive, rod shaped, anaerobic, spore-forming, pathogenic bacterium of the genus Clostridium. It is usually present in nature and often can be found in components of decaying vegetation. The spores of the organism persist in soil, different types of sediments, and areas that are subject to human or animal fecal contamination. It frequently occurs in the intestinal tract of humans and other vertebrates, insects, and soil. It has the shortest reported generation time of any organisms, approximately 6.3 minutes in thioglycollate medium.

Virulence factors of the causative agent: C. perfringens can survive in high temperatures such as 54-140 degrees Fahrenheit. The spores quickly germinate causing the bacteria to grow. This bacterium grows the quickest at temperatures such as 109-117 degrees Fahrenheit. If the food is served without reheating to kill the bacteria, live bacteria may be consumed. The bacteria then produce a toxin inside the intestines that causes illness.
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perfringens food poisoning are the results of ingesting improperly stored and cooked foods, Normally, the bacteria is found on food after cooking, and these bacteria can multiply and cause large consumption of C. perfringens resulting in food poisoning. The foods most commonly infected with C. perfringens are meats, meat products, gravies, dried or pre-cooked foods, foods prepared in large quantities and kept warming for long period of time before serving. Food poisoning outbreaks occur most often in hospitals, school cafeterias, prisons, nursing homes, or catered food events. Everyone is susceptible to C. perfringens, food poisoning, but very young and elderly are at higher risk due to a weaker immune

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