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Colorguard or winterguard is a sport of the arts that can be performed by all genders, and of all ages. It is a performance based activity that utilizes dance movements, hand-eye coordination, technique, and talent. Despite being ostracized sometimes by the ignorant people at school, colorguard has shaped me into a better person through keeping me active and in shape, giving me amazing best friends, and teaching me discipline. Color guard is a strenuous activity that involves a lot of cardio such as running and dancing with flags, sabres, and rifles. Because of colorguard, I was able to exercise to my full capacity even to the point of feeling like passing out. The team works their body to the extreme as every dance move is done with passion and the drive to perform and generate applause from the audience. Besides cardio, guard also allows members to …show more content…

This year, on the other hand, their are 20 enthusiastic members compared to last year’s 15. The team, due to multiple days and hours of practice, gets to bond and know each and every member personally. The members become really close with each other that we treat everyone as our sisters and brother. And the friendship that builds, even extends pass through the high school experience as I saw from members that graduated. The guard practices typically 15 hours a week, but on competition weeks, it rises up to 20 hours. And during this practices, the instructors clearly enforces everyone to be there, no excuses allowed. Due to this, everyone in the team has a mindset of never missing practice as it does not only affect themselves, but hurts every member of the color guard. The discipline instilled in everyone is viable as we grow up as adults and enter the work force. The team not only learns discipline, but it also grasps the concept of time management, team work,

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