How Did The Civil War Change American Culture

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History is all around the world, and every day, every person in the universe is making their own history; the students at Fruitland High are leaving their mark on the community every day; whether it is by being on the state basketball team, being first chair Flute in the band, or making it to Harvard; no matter how big or small, it leaves a mark. On a bigger scale, the United States has had a much more detailed history. The United States has not always been the peaceful country we are today. It started with Christopher Columbus discovering the country, then the English peoples coming her to escape the church and have religious freedoms. Then the U.S. or as it was known then, the Thirteen Colonies, declared their independence from Britain in 1776. Thus, including another country in this country’s past. In 1861 through 1865, the Civil War had happened because of the future of slavery. Because of history, society has changed, adapted, and is changing the entertainment, coming up with more opportunities for …show more content…

When lots of kids spend a lot of time together during practices, classes, and competitions, they really learn to be close to one another. One man or woman cannot possibly run an entire group of about one hundred kids doing who knows what; so then some of the kids that are either the oldest, more experienced, or more talented. This means those kids learn responsibility and leadership. The forms on the field don’t just happen, every person has to move the same way, have the same horn angle, same toe height. Every person out there, they have to work together, it is not just an individual attempt. What one person does can affect the whole band, if they move at the wrong time or their horn is towards the

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