Essay On Conflict Resolution

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Conflict in an organization can increase the overall effectiveness of the task at hand as having multiple perspectives often lead to conflict in an organization. They in any situation is inevitable and unavoidable but the consequences or the results of the conflicts can be determined.

Conflict management is the principal that says that all the conflicts cannot necessarily be resolved but it's important to learn how to manage the conflicts arising due to unavoidable situation in order to minimize the effect of non-productive escalation. Also, this process requires skills that facilitate conflict resolution such as self-awareness about the conflict models, communication skills, along with establishing a structure for management of
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When the other party to the conflict is also a member of the association then they are expected to be accommodating in their approach to solve the conflict. The association would mediate the conflict so that the conflict is resolved in a peaceful manner without the intervention of the courts. When the other party to the conflict is not a part of the association and if the association feels that the common interests of the members are at stake, then it could take provide legal representation to the business entity in conflict so that the interests of the members are protected.

The primary aim of any business entity in a conflict is to make sure that the conflict doesn't affect any aspects of the business operation. Hence when the other party to the conflict is known to the business entity, then they should resolve the conflict in an accommodating or collaborating manner so that both parties are in a win-win situation in the end. If the cost of the conflict to the business is greater than the opportunity cost of the conflict and if the other party to the conflict is behaving in a competitive or avoiding manner, then the entity should approach the court and resolve it by the rule of
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