Essay On Custodial Torture

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Effects Of Custodial Torture
As torture continues a perverted intimate relationship develops between the victim and the torturer leading to a feeling of dependence, helplessness, fear and finally to the breakdown of any vestige of resistance on the part of the victim. This process is aptly named as “DEMOLITION.” Confessions are made at this stage. Some prefer death and find some way to it before this stage. Few are killed accidentally or deliberately and afterwards disposed off. Even if they are freed from the torture the after- math and the repercussions are tremendous physically as well as psychologically it definitely would vary from person to per- son and the methods adopted. Depending upon the methods used external marks of violence may be absent in comparison to internal injuries. Certain techniques may not show external scars but the internal damage may be sever and to the vital organs. Certain psychological reactions noted by mental health experts were Post traumatic stress disorder characterized by re-experience of the trauma,
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The highest number of complaints per 100 Policemen was reported from Delhi (17.0) followed by Madhya Pradesh (14.7) and Chandigarh (10.1) against the National average of 3.7 during the year 2011. 205 cases of Human Rights Violation by Police were reported out of which 19 were charge-sheeted. The highest number of Human Rights Violation by Police was reported in Assam (102 cases). The total incidences of custodial deaths reported all over India was 109, in 7 cases out of which charge sheet was filed against the policemen for involvement in custodial violence but none were convicted. 1 case of Custodial Rape was reported in the country were as 24 cases of custodial deaths were reported as

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