Essay On Democratic Culture

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Despite the existence of relative freedom and civil society activities, as well as in spite of the introduction of some official institutions concerned with the promotion of national culture and democracy, the development of a democratic culture had not been making a big effort from power and civil society; was supposed to be accompanied by political shift, a cultural shift systematically in the minds of citizens across education, media and cultural activities. This is confirming the absence of a democratic culture. Democratic culture and national which tend towards the acceptance of pluralism, tolerance and diversity, did not evolve by evolution and expansion of the area of freedom of expression and political freedoms that have arisen because of the reforms. It could be argued that all political forces were preoccupied with political practice, the task of education necessary for the society taking its first steps towards democracy.
The economic and social development processes are often unbalanced. Some regions and some social classes and ethnic groups or religious / sectarian be prepared than others to utilize the development process and benefit from them, therefore more urgent political participation, either because it was preceded by others in the field of education and economic growth and social services. This have created a need and made
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To the extent that the state has intervened in the lives of individuals (their standard of living, education, employment and cultural), a number not a few of them have entered into politics and had abused it from the corner of the cultural / religious and economic to protect their interests, whether they are individuals or groups. This is another factor that is pushing the development of Arabian political
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