Culture And Diversity In The Classroom Essay

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The purpose of this essay is to identify how important it is to have a diverse classroom setting. Students from all over the world enter the 21st century classrooms bringing a little bit of home with them. It is crucial that teachers are aware of what is happening and educate themselves in how to reach a student. Children are similar but different at the same time. Students learn in many different ways like for example observing, listening, demonstration, speaking and etc. Pupils do not all learn the same technique or method. That is why it is important to have many methods of teaching in the classroom. In order for a student to understand.

Culture and Diversity in Classrooms Today

As more students from diverse backgrounds populate 21st century classrooms, learning has shifted towards another direction. Today’s classrooms requires teachers to educate students varying in culture, language, abilities, and many other characteristics. Children are leaving their motherland and migrating into the United States. By leaving their country they had also …show more content…

This will educate the students about diversity and they will learn to appreciate others and their surroundings. Students will not only learn about diversity but they will also accept themselves. Some of the positive outcomes that a diverse classroom produces are the following: students develop a positive self-image, will obtain an equal education for the students, allowing students to have many ways of thinking and different perspectives, defeats stereotypes and prejudice behavior, and last but not least it will educate students to critique society in the interest of social

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