Essay On Driving And Driving

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Each year 1.6 million car accidents and nearly 330,000 injuries are caused by a driver using their phones. Considering that cell phones are one of the greatest things to happen, it makes thing easier to do without doing much effort, communicating with anyone around the world, but there should be a limit when it could endanger other people lives. It not only the phones that drivers are distracted by, it is also foods, drinks, conversing and listening to loud music. Someone can lose their life all because of a simple act such as texting and taking a selfie while driving. There are numerous cases that involve a person getting hurt or worse killed because there was a driver being distracted. Clearly, the government and lawmakers need to create …show more content…

“Overall, 34% of teen texters ages 16-17 say they have texted while driving, that translates into 26% of all American teens ages 16-17” (Madden and Lenhart 1). The age to start driving is 16 but that should change because they should wait to drive until they are mature and ready to drive. Cell phones become a huge problem that it is not allowed in class because teachers would think that they are cheating. Throughout the year, almost all car accidents involves a teenager and it is mostly because they are busy on their phone that is why the age limit for driving need to go up to at least the age 20. Sadly, it is not only teenagers that text and drive older adult that will this even in front of younger people in the car. “The teens in our focus groups who said they texted while driving reported a variety of motivations for their behavior, including the need to report their whereabouts to friends and parents, getting directions and flirting with significant other” (Madden and Lenhart 2). Teenagers are more likely to get distracted easily, but so does everyone else. Multiple people blame teenagers for this kind of act because they are young and inexperienced when it come to driving but the adult is also to blame. “Only 60% said they were willing to stop using cell phones when driving” (Moore

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