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Do people need a global language? A global language might be good for international communication, and make the people to keep in touch easier with each other. That is why most of the people want to speak a global language to solve the communication problem, and they prefer English language. People use English as a lingua franca to communicate with each other, and it is spreading world widely. Also, English has extremely become the language of politic, economic, media, science and technology. That is why, English is the most successful language with 1,500 million speakers around the world (Crystal, 2003). Although, English as a lingua franca can be a major factor of development and communication, English as a global language can create many problems for the…show more content…
English as a global language is a form of linguistic imperialism creating by the supreme power countries like Britain and USA which have the political and economic influence through the other countries. Also, English as a global language undermines multilingualism which puts the other languages to death and it destroys the cultural diversities. Although, English as a global language is a key for development and communication, we should not ignore the negative effects of it through the other nations. However, by putting some efforts we can bring some efficiency in order to solve these problems like speaking and documenting our native language instead of preferring English, and use it as a second language rather than an official or a medium of communication. If you do not take care of your language it will die soon. Therefore, do not let your native language to be like a piece of ice in your hand melting after a time, and then you would see that your language totally affected by another language. Your own language makes the world more interesting and alive, so keep it

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