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It may be known that people benefit from being around horses, but what may not be known by everyone is that it is beneficial to those who may need a little extra. The reason equine therapy is so effective is because no person is indifferent to horses. It has been shown that veterans and children with autism benefit greatly from hippotherapy. Even though there are other forms of animal-assisted therapy, equines seem to have a greater impact in the lives of those suffering from PTSD and of those on the autism spectrum. People are beginning to realize how intelligent horses are. Gardner credits the equines for their intelligence and ability to connect emotionally by explaining how "[t]he horse is the perfect mirror, they are very emotional beings; we're only starting to …show more content…

One of the reasons I think equine-assisted therapies work so well is that everyone has a reaction to horses; nobody is indifferent. People either love them or fear them, so that's two big emotions that immediately reflect what most of life's issues revolve around. If you can work with an animal like this and overcome the fear, then it isn't a bad starting point." It gives those who are comfortable around horses a sense of security and stability. Equine therapy not only offers emotional benefits but physical as well. There are some autistic kids that have some mobility issues, with which equines can aid. Horses also help veterans who refuse to go through physical therapy by becoming their physical therapist and helping them achieve certain goals that they set for themselves. That is why equine therapy is becoming one of the biggest forms of therapy for veterans and autistic children, but how far does it go emotionally and

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