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The importance of a horse has many qualities some good or bad. But the good quality of a horse is racing at the right age, training, riding, and farm use. Abercrombie, Adios, Caressable, and Joie De Vie were all harness race horses and won pretty good in there past. Abercrombie was bred with many dams and trained by two main people Cecil Peacock and Jerry Landess. This is the start of a horse 's history till 2000. Abercrombie was born in 1975 the spring of May and was raised on Walnut Hall Farm and his owners were L. Keith Bulen and Shirley A. Mitchell. He was a bay standardbred and stallion which gave his owner hope that he might be the next winner for the Messengers Stakes harness race. As a horse starts to go through training you want to wait until that horse is about 2 years old because the bones in a horse would be fully developed and so no incidents like breaking bones would happen. So in 1978 Abercrombie was first broke by Jerry Landess, later Cecil Peacock took over training for two years before letting Glen Garnsey take over when he realized the potential behind Abercrombie. He went on to win the Fox Stake in Indianapolis and then on to win the Little Brown Jug in Delaware, Ohio along with winning the Kentucky Sires Stakes as well of being horse of the year in 1979.
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A lot of times in the winter some of the horses are taken to farms where they have heated indoor swimming pools for horses for special conditioning. One horse that got a lot of good out of this type of conditioning was Niatross who went on to set the world 's record as the fastest horse in Harness Racing. The world’s fastest record for harness horse at the Red Mile in Lexington, Kentucky was Niatross and his time was 27.3 almost one second faster than Steady Star. Most picture of harness horses are displayed at the horse park along many other records that were

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