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The King of Rodeo It is hard to imagine that an athlete can win so much and make it look so easy that it becomes almost boring. Now called the “King of Cowboys,” Trevor Brazile, is certainly not boring, but after achieving twelve world all-around titles, rodeo fans just assume that he will easily win another each year. He is a million dollar cowboy in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) who has won more than any other athlete in the rodeo industry ever. In winning sixteen world championships including both event and all-around titles, Trevor Brazile is one of the most successful cowboys in rodeo. Trevor was born in the town of Krum, Texas population of 4,157. He was a fan of Michael Jordan and he also played basketball; hifslef. …show more content…

Tweeter, his first professional rodeo horse, was PRCA tie down horse of the year in 2002. Texaco was a quick horse that Trevor said caught up to calves faster than anything he had ever ridden. Doofus was a heel horse that Trevor bought just in case he ever wanted to try heeling in team roping. Trevor is a header so this was just supposed to be a horse for fun riding. Doofus was exactly fourteen hands tall or 56 inches tall. Trevor said that although small, he was a fast little horse. He also trained Doofus to calf rope and won a lot of money on him. Calhoun was another fantastic horse that Trevor was lucky enough to buy to get started in the heading event. After his first year in 2003, he made the NFR on Calhoun and for a couple years thereafter. Sadly after Calhoun was turned out in the pasture while Trevor was out of town, he was hurt by another horse and could never rope again …show more content…

PRCA is the oldest and largest rodeo producing organization in the world. With thirty million fans, the PRCA ranks seventh overall in attendance of major sporting events. Fans can attend any of the 600 rodeos which have multiple events in thirty-seven states and three Canadian provinces. The events of the PRCA are steer roping, tie down roping, barrel racing, saddle bronc riding, bareback riding, steer wrestling, team roping and bull riding. The events are split into two categories of rough stock and timed event. Trevor only competes in three timed events of steer roping, tie down roping and team roping. (‘The Official Membership Site of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association”). Almost 10,000 members compete in usually thirty or fewer of the 600 possible rodeos each year. Unlike other sporting events, the PRCA does not pay their contestants salaries. Members must buy a permit to compete professionally and pay entry fees at each rodeo to win money. Most top contestants will win up to $100,000 competing if they are lucky, but Trevor won a record amount $507,921 in 2010 (“The Official Membership Site of The Professional Rodeo Cowboys

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