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To be successful in America is an individual and government decision. Success can be accomplished by hard work, fighting racial and gender equality, and understanding of today's world. Hard work is something that makes you successful. No one ever got anywhere from sitting on their butts. Hardwork is key to anything, even getting up the stairs takes hard work. Looking at the text, The Great Migration, shows a good example of hard work. W.E.B Dubois is an example of hard work. In The Great Migration the African-Americans worked hard to get from the South to the North. If they didn’t they would still be have to sit and work for little to no money. W.E.B Dubois set a good example of hard work by convincing African-Americans to fight for their votes. He should that with this hard work of fighting that we can get somewhere faster than waiting around, which is what Booker T. Washington believed was the right way. A lot of people were hard workers…show more content…
Not only is race a problem, gender equality is one too; Women get put down because they say we aren’t strong enough to handle what the world throws our way. Women are known for working in the house or working in the factories. No one ever says a woman is stronger than a man. People also believe that men work harder than woman, that they have the same job but since because a man is a man he is labeled a harder worker, when for a fact according to, DailyMail.Com women work harder and longer than men do, only to get paid less than men. Women, especially African-Americans, are not respected as much as anyone else. We are looked at as ratchet and unqualified for the job. Women have always worked harder trying to prove to the male population that we are just as strong and just as hardworking as they are . Women like: Shazi Visram,Kathy Mills, and Shelly Sun are example of women in America who own their own company and have proven that everything they said women couldn’t do they’ve

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