Essay On How Did The Us Canadian Magazine Dispute

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To what extent do you think the U.S.-Canadian magazine dispute was motivated by genuine desires to protect Canadian culture? The production of the canadian magazine has been an important aspect in the canadian National identity,and has helped to impose on the canadians a sense of themselves and their own productions in media related issues.Various attempts to protect its sovereignity from denomination has been effected with some imposed protective tariffs on foregn prohibited the importations of split run editions or parallel productions of foreign published magazines into the country. The disputes that revolved with a strong stance taken was that any magazine that was printed outside the country and imported was considered foreign with a tariff enforced at the border entry point and preferential tax deductions for advertising could also be made on the same determinations at the borders. This has helped in the increase of internally produced magazines sales,job creation and feel of patriotism by the indegineous canadians other than having imported media and news about your country …show more content…

There was tax deductions to canadian advertisers and attracted valuable revenue and brought in implications in the development of the canadian magazine industry. (96

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