Essay On Immigration Reform

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Every day, hour, second of the day, they are hundreds and thousands of illegal immigrants crossing our border from all around the world to the United States. What is Immigration Reform? Immigration Reform is a mislead to our country into censuring young, old, poor immigrant people for the problems that our nation is going through. This country has grown all through the centuries of economic from the labor of all immigrants who have crossed and made it to our country what it is today. People seek to blame the innocent based on skin color, ethnicity, and nationality. In its place of focusing on the agents economic troubles, immigration reform is being used as a nationality for all the corporate layoffs, welfare, and other unsuccessful economic …show more content…

Proponent’s blameworthiness the harm of jobs on illegal immigration, more specifically those who seek a better lifestyle doing tedious jobs that most Americans would not imagine doing. When I was younger I migrated in California picking grapes, tomatoes, clipping vines etc. those are a few examples of severe demanding physical jobs that immigrants perform. Yes they require precise knowledge of expertise, but rather a physical demand that your body will sacrifice from sun up to sun down. Why say that illegal immigrants are taking away our daily jobs? Why don’t we step in and pick the fruits and vegetables that we eat every day of our lives, that we have for dinner and which we praise the lord for. I think we should do less complaining and more working, and rather stop pointing the finger at, and concentrate on the political reform between the American corporations. Additional proponents for the immigration reform have argued that immigration helps only for one purpose; and that is to gain the assistances of welfare. If this is true why are immigrants flooding the nation to live off billions of tax dollars from America? The majority of tax dollars are being used for military spending, government’s projects and not on welfare. Moreover, immigrants have no rigid to what welfare is. They don’t go from place to place saying there

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