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Interruptions In Clinical Nursing
The article Interruptions in Clinical Nursing Practice authors Erik E. Sorensen and Liselotte Brahe goal was to research and analyze how and why does negative as well as necessary interruptions affect nurses effectiveness, workflow and direct care of patients. This research would be considered an observational study. The population being nurses that are actively practicing. The sample are 5 female nurses that are between 27 and 48 years old and have been nurses for 1-26 years. A qualitative interview was done for 2 nurses. The study was conducted in January of 2007 over the period of 3 weeks. The authors and the article including the citied references and source was credible and experts in their field. Sorensen …show more content…

There were some confounding variables that was not noted in this research. The article covered many different scenarios that caused the most interruptions. A confounding variables could be the weather, the day of week, time of day . If the weather was bad during a period of the study resources would have possibly have been limited; nurses are essential personal which means no matter what we must report to work. Increase interruptions could have been a result of the medical secretary not working due to the weather in return the nurses has double duties and more interruptions. The observer noted more incidents of interruptions than the nurses did this could have been because as nurses we have become accustomed to theses “interruptions”. As a Registered Nurse I have found it normal to be constantly interrupted we are the most visible medical employees and some times the most approachable it is our nature to be accommodating and if we don’t know the answer most of us will take the time to help others. Also, as the research article stated being a competent nurse can help with interruptions the necessary as well as the unnecessary. I go to work organized and have learned proper time management to keep me on tasks especially when things are rushed and

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