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The two great tasks of achieving unity were to eliminate Austrian power from Italy and to gain liberty. These had to be sacrificed to achieve national unity under Piedmont. Then there was Cavour; he carried out vigorous economic reform and industrial development since he knew that a strong economic basis was requirement for national struggle. Italian unification was to be achieved by foreign war with friendly foreign relationships. France was the potential ally when Napoleon III was a member of the Cabonari and he was eager for national prestige and also to break the 1815 settlement. The unification by this point, was under way for a while and that is when Cavour had said, "We must be the partner of France in the great game that sooner or…show more content…
With this new problem in Rome, it formed another obstacle to the unification. This was when France occupied Rome in 1848. The Napoleon Conquest and reform of 'Italy' had revealed to Italians the advantages of enlightened laws and also promoted their desire to free themselves from foreign rule. The restoration of 1815 lost for the Italians in large measure the advantages of French rule and substituted the French domination by Austrian domination. Revolutionary reactions grew, starting with overthrowing the existing government and then slowly approving the idea of unity for all of 'Italy". Cavour of Piedmont initially prepared the Italian war against Austria in 1859 with military aid from Napoleon III of France for the expulsion of Austrians from North Italy. The accomplishment of this semi-unification could only be said as a by-product of Piedmontese enhancement with French aid, and for the expulsion of the Austrian influence at the expense of the Central Italian states. It was only unification by war and not unification by popular revolution. In the midst of the Piedmontese war risings, which were engineered by the Italian national societies, broke out in Tuscany, Modena and Parma in May

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