Essay On Jackie Robinson's Heroic Journey

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According to Jesse Jackson, "When [he] took the field, something within us reminded us of our birthright to be free. And somebody without reminded us that it could be attained. There was strength and pride and power when the big rock hit the water, and concentric circles came forth and ripples of new possibility spread throughout the nation” (qtd. in “Jackie Robinson,” Notable). Jackie Robinson, a man among legends, spread hope and inspired the nation for change that had not been considered before him. Joseph Campbell structured a path for all mythological heroes to travel by, and now, modern day heroes go down this path as they serve as a hero to the world. Jackie Robinson personifies the true meaning of a hero, by not just following the heroic path laid out by Joseph Campbell, but by being willing to sacrifice himself against a world split by the color of skin. Jackie Robinson's first step of the heroic journey, titled "The Separation," was where Robinson received "The Call" through destiny to embark on his heroic journey through baseball …show more content…

Donald Kagan saw Robinson as a superhuman, stating "The word for Jackie Robinson is `unconquerable.' . . . He would not be defeated. Not by the other team and not by life,” (Kagan). The color of skin was not going to stand in the way of Robinson as he followed the Hero Journey of Joseph Campbell, sacrificing himself above all for the greater cause in America. According to the Hero Journey by Joseph Campbell, a hero must place the greater good of society above himself, no matter the consequence or punishment he must intake. If that is a mark that a hero must leave, then Jackie Robinson was a hero above all. Not only did he serve his country by integrating the sport of baseball, but he will always remain as one of the heroes of the Civil Rights Era and in the minds of

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