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“He suggests they build a fire on the mountaintop to alert rescuers” (Golding 38 ).The fire helped them survive and be rescued. William Golding uses rich symbolism in Lord of the Flies, at various levels of the fire. A group of schoolboys in England become stranded on an island without any adult supervision, and soon there becomes a battle between civilization and savagery, and the fire becomes a major part. When they land onto the island, the fire is built mainly to be rescued, but it is used in an abundant of ways. Each item on this island plays a role and they represent various concepts and themes which we see in daily social lives. This fire is a crucial symbolism that played a role between being rescued, being safe and being destructive. …show more content…

Such as, in the book when they were describing the signal fire, “The smoke increased, sifted, rolled outwards,” we noticed the fire had got out of control and the boy with the mulberry mark disappeared (Golding 44). We could surmise the boy had been engulfed by the fire, due to their carelessness with the fire. The fire was meant to improve their chances of being saved, but already, in the beginning, the boy was attacked by the fire, that lead to his demise. Additionally, Jack played a role in the destruction. “He saw a shelter burst into flames and the fire flapped at his right shoulder and there was the glitter of water” (Golding 200). The hunters had raided Ralph’s group for fire and used it against Ralph. Jack abhorred Ralph, so he decided to put the whole forest on fire to try to end Ralph’s life. But Jack’s savagery act with the fire actually did help them in being rescued, because it summoned the ships. The fire all over the forest that Jack lit up led the Navy Officer to come and take them back home. Although the fire was meant to destroy and kill, the large fire destruction was the key to being

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