Learning How To Drive A Manual Vehicle Essay

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Knowing how to drive a manual transmission vehicle, is one of those things that you'll never know when you'll use the knowledge but you will be happy that you learned.
For example traveling to a foreign country, and their standard transmission on their cars is manual, then you will be grateful that you learned.
Learning how to drive a manual, comes as second nature once you get the hang of it, the best way to start learning is by either owning a manual vehicle or be having easy access to one.
Once getting the vehicle, you'll have to start the engine, it’s done by putting the key in the ignition, and making sure the car is in neutral and the clutch is fully pressed.
After making sure the clutch is fully pressed and the transmission is in neutral turn the key, to …show more content…

A struggle beginners usually face is starting a manual transmission vehicle uphill, the problem many face is that the car begins to roll backwards, many people are scared to hit the vehicle behind, many people are simply afraid of hills and try to avoid hills at all times, but in reality it's something to not be afraid of its much easier than you think, it will take practice but it's not an impossible task.
To do a perfect start-up hill, you'll put your foot on the brake, release handbrake, press the clutch in, put the vehicle into first gear , release the brake pedal, and immediately press the acceleration pedal, as you press the acceleration pedal, release the clutch pedal quickly so that the vehicle doesn't have time to roll backwards.
Although hill starts can be stressful you can master them in no time with enough practice.
Although learning to drive a manual transmission vehicle isn't a priority to learn, due to most cars being automatic, it is a neat talent to learn, it could someday save your

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