Essay On Minimum Wage In America

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You all are searching for your first job. You receive an interview and a few short days later your hired! You work for a month and receive your paycheck, and find that you are only making $7.00 and hour. The United States minimum wage is 7.25 per hour. As Americans we think that this number is truly outrageous. What Americans do not know, is how this measly number compares. In Mexico the hourly wage is below a dollar, Chile 's is $3.00, Estonia is $2.50, Poland, Turkey and Greece all rest at a steady $4.00. All these numbers are converted to U.S. currency, allowing you to see how these countries compare. Now think about working for hours on end, not going to school, barely seeing your family, and possibly living on the streets. This is Poverty. We don 't understand that teens just like us are trying to get jobs in other countries while trying to juggle school, family issues, and keeping up mental and physical health. Poverty is currently affecting teens by hindering the amount of schooling one would receive, and creating poor physical and mental …show more content…

Even if they are almost finished with a task they will see no hope for finishing if it is to hard. Studies concluded, that students who live in poverty will display impatience, inappropriate emotional responses, and unable to have empathy for peers misfortunes. Trying to empathize for these students is key. "A teacher cannot change the students bank account p, but you can change what is in their emotional account"(Jenson 23). Teachers and teens can begin to change their school, not only for the students who live in poverty, but as a whole. Teachers can respect the student as they want to be respected, minimizing the sarcasm that controls classrooms. Students can become understanding to their peers, creating a harmony in a class atmosphere. Poverty may control the students home, but poverty has no grip on the students

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