Minority Family Changes

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Without a doubt, the minority family has changed dramatically over the past few decades due to changes in laws and technology. These legal and technological advances have changed the family on both the individualistic and familial levels. These advances are multi-layered because they affect both the family and individual in different areas of life which include stress, physical punishment, and violence. The stress landscape that the minority family faces have changed over the past decade. The main reason behind this change is the technology aspect it has made life more convenient for everyone. For example, I remember when my Mother used to stress about getting her taxes done or paying her water bill and physically having to go to…show more content…
From my own personal experiences, some unruly children only respect a firm spanking with the law prohibiting this practice of parenting it can cause children to go down the wrong path because they don’t have the proper respect for their parents which is where children are supposed to learn respect for an authoritative figure. As the snippet of the comment from Allison, 2014 would suggest it is necessary to spank a child this is evident when the text states “Many of the parenting books that dismissed spanking as wrong pushed that a parent should reason with a child. However, science has proven that due to brain development, it is impossible to reason with a four-year-old. A four-year-old is still developing the concept of cause-and-effect and the beginnings of understanding empathy. Only discipline, causing pain to the four-year-old (and by pain, I do not necessarily mean physical pain) teaches him/her what is allowed.” This comment backs what I stated about a child learning to respect authority. From a more scientific approach in a Newsweek article that followed a nurturing study related to spankings conducted by Drs. Jennifer Lansford and Ken Dodge revealed some insightful details on the effect on corporal punishment in early age development this is apparent when the article states…show more content…
This change has obviously occurred with the overall landscape of society changing. The time has passed where African-Americans no longer have to go outside and worry about getting lynched or harassed. Or on a more civil level being able to book a hotel or use a certain bathroom. My Grandmother who also attended Florida A&M University has reflected with me on several occasions about her experience on the seven hills and she remembers back when "colored" people couldn 't enter the hospital and FAMU had the only hospital for hundreds of miles that would service African-Americans. I bring this up to show the disconnect from my generation to hers my definition of hardship is totally different from hers. She had to deal with possibly losing her life while I have to worry about much less pressing matters. While there is a disconnect between the level of oppression I must acknowledge the fact the connect that is there. Without her generations and the one before her sacrifice, my life wouldn 't be so simple. With all that being said the younger and older generation need to find a way to come together to share their knowledge and experiences to continue to progress society for the better. To conclude, the aforementioned issues are why one can believe that the minority family has been and continues to be on the decline. I strongly feel that if the minority family can overcome some hurdles
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