A Career As A Music Composer

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Music careers
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Music composer

Music is a melody that magnifies and unifies our mind and soul. It creates equality in our differences, religions and languages in the selected people. Some of the strongest human emotions is brought out with a piece of music. People have created music in history with drumming, singing, chanting and other old age instruments. In modern ages, we hear music almost every day on the radio, television or mobile phones. Music is organised sound with melodic, beat, rhythm and harmonic sense all in one. A composer brings all these factors together, as well as the artist’s musical background, culture or specific style
A composer is a person who writes vocal or instrumental music pieces, or both. They bring together all the factors of music into an organised structure. Many composers …show more content…

An internship is recommended. Most universities offer internships due to the competitiveness of your certain major. It helps you to gain experience working with composing and staff. Internship also helps build a network of contacts with music producers, record companies, television companies, advertising companies and artists. It’s a good step to take to succeed in this career.
Although composing is a good career to have, it is rather competitive. Artists everywhere are competing with each other with their music. You will not succeed if your music isn’t liked by your targeted audience.
Instead of composing music, you could take on other careers involved with music such as:
A record producer coaches musicians with vocals and directs the recording of the pieces
A nightclub DJ plays songs at a nightclub, bar, rave or party by using vinyl records turntables, a sound system and headphones
A rock star is the performer of a band who draws the most attention of the audience when on stage, writes songs and is the spokesperson of a band\

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