The Importance Of Technology In The Music Industry

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Have you ever heard someone say ‘music is a universal language’? A language that, regardless of what country you’re from, one that you can communicate with someone from the other side of the planet. And yet, people nowadays seem to completely disregard the music industry, even though music itself is therapy for many people, and one of the greatest forms of entertainment. A quote-unquote sensible person would say the music industry is ‘oversupplied, undercompensated’ and that ‘the ability to earn a living is not strictly correlated with talent, qualifications or ability.’ Many people believe you cannot merge a passion and a job together, as they are supposedly two different things. A passion is something you enjoy, whilst a job is not, although i would argue that music can allow anyone to make their passion their job as well, and that they don’t have be a part of this ‘elite’ bracket of musicians to be successful. Whatever you believe, as some of you may have heard many times before, the industry is certainly not easy to break through. Today 's age of music is increasingly competitive, and the use of technology in music is no longer ground-breaking. As of 2016, only about 140,000 people in the UK had sustainable, full-time jobs in the music industry. That’s about 0.2% of people in England with well-paid music jobs. Thus, there are certain skills and traits you need to make a living in music, such as having a creative mind but still being able to manage finances, or being
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