Nationwide Conflicts

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The governments has to solve nationwide conflicts or conflicts among the United States itself and has to try to settle conflicts in a peaceful way so it doesn’t cause a tantrum among citizens or other countries. They want to make sure that the majority of the citizens are satisfied with the changes being made to the country or to a specific state. In the past, the government has helped the growth of the economy. An example is when the residents started to debate on what their money should be backed by bimetallism or monometallism. Other examples are when the government made an act to “Americanize” the Native Americans and they made the homestead act to courage the public to move west. The government also started welcoming immigrants, which …show more content…

The government had to make the decision to whether they wanted to go into World War One or not. The government knew that the discussion that was going to be made would influence every civilian’s lives. The government didn’t want to enter the war at first, even though the public wanted America to get involved. The government was very patience, until Germany started messing with America’s ships and sank the Lusitania, which killed total of 1,198 people and 128 of them were American citizens. Furthermore, America found out about the Zimmerman note, which Germany sent to Mexico saying to start a war with America. In return German would help acquire their “lost” territory. Now, the government was furious and they declared war. The government tried it very best to keep up with the equipment when the soldiers were in war, but it was difficult. Even though this problem came in the way, the U.S’s army was very forceful and didn’t quit. The war came to an end with a victory to the allies side (Lintner,11/28). The government was proud of the army they had. The benefit of the government putting the nation into war was that the United States showed that they deserved respect and they are a durable nation. The U.S gained more trade systems and after this war, America made its spot in world affairs (What did the U.S gain in World War I?). The government joined the war and it …show more content…

In October of 1929, United States fell into the Great Depression. The Great Depression was the time period in United States’ stock market completely crashed. That same year 600 banks closed down and by 1933 11,000 of the nation’s banks failed. Unemployment rates raised from 3% in 1927 to 25% in 1933. Programs such as Soup Kitchen and Bread Line started serving free or low-cost food to people in need. Citizens were having challenging time getting jobs, in particular African-Americans lost their jobs first and had the lowest wages and this caused even more racial violence (Lintner, 1/10/18). Unemployment rates for black raised more than 50%, while the rates for unemployment for the whites was 31.7% (Amistad Digital Resource: The Great Depression). The government saw the nation just wanting to fall apart, some law or act just had to be made to prevent the economy from

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