Nature Of Prayer Analysis

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Without question, the combination seemed formidable. I asked her how long it might take– in the worst-case scenario– just so she would know I wasn't committing to do this for the rest of my life.

She replied that she knew many people who had made this practice a part of their lives, and that not a single one had failed to reap rich rewards for their effort. She added that it usually took no more than three months for anyone that she encountered to appreciate the effect.

So, I made a commitment to myself to try both for a period of one hundred days, adding a few days for good measure. I decided that if it hadn't worked in that amount of time, I would quit. I had nothing to lose, and if nothing else, I might get some small pleasure in proving
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Success Assignment: Try this affirmation every day: "What I do in my job, in my family and in my community, I will do for the sake of others so that others will be able to learn to care for themselves. I dedicate my activities this day to their success and happiness."

The Nature of Prayer

I consider prayer a way to get in touch with the core of my soul, the most noble, wise and gracious part of my self, along with the power and love inherent in the cosmos.

When I pray, I try to tap the best qualities in the universe and in myself. I think of my prayers as prayers of promise, a promise to live up to my highest potential and to make a difference in the world. When I pray in this way I can harness unlimited life force and insight for I am absolutely convinced that sincere prayer reaps visible rewards.

I do not believe that prayer should be a request for outside intervention because, to me, that approach implies humans are powerless and incapable, something I find impossible to believe. Even when a prayer is directed to God, I feel it is important that one remain an active participant in the process of attaining the desired
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It is only through mastery of the traits described below that we can reach a level of genuine self-awareness and confidence that is unshakable. This is truly what Living Well means.

Take 100% Responsibility

A common view in society is the belief that outside forces are responsible for our problems. Taking personal responsibility goes against the grain in our society. Generally, people tend to blame outside factors for their misery, maybe the boss, or a spouse, or the government, you name it.

One definition of insanity I have heard is: repeating the same behavior repeatedly but expecting a different outcome.

Someone else's behavior is not within our power to control, so it is a futile proposition to try to change others. The only power we truly possess is the ability to control our own actions.

If someone behaves badly, it is their problem; they must deal with the consequences of their actions. So rather than wasting a minute of your precious time in your precious life wrestling with why people act the way they do, it would be far wiser to put your efforts into discovering the triggers you possess that keep you from effectively dealing with those causing you so much
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