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Business, economic, industrial, technological, scientific and social developments in the recent century have been led to emerging new words in the mainstream of languages, including new ideas, objects, processes and even variations on feelings which come from media.
Being known as a new word or expression with a new meaning (Newmark, 1988; Cabre, 1999; Hartmann & James, 1999; Pavel & Nolet, 2001; Sterkenburg, 2003; Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 2009), neologisms have been always challenging for translators because their meanings escape translators (Newmark, 1988.) Moreover, their meaning may not be found in dictionaries as they are created by their authors. According to him, difficulties in the translation of lexis are more than those of grammar; these difficulties arise from two sources: either the translator does not know all possible meanings of a word or the meaning is determined by its surroundings or its unusual collocation.
Regarding strategies for translation of neologisms, few theoretical studies have been conducted
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Given these points, the present study specifically aims at investigating strategies for translation of neologisms in some of the contemporary literary works. To this end, a larger corpus will be considered to find any possible change and development in, and differences or similarities between strategies that have been adopted for translation of neologisms in both children's and adult's literature. Additionally, regarding the relation between translations and the STs, the TTs will be investigated to find any normalization, as one of translation

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