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Phases of therapeutic relationship: Pre-Orientation: • This is a phase in which a nurse goes through before the actual interaction with the client. • This phase begins when the nurse is assigned a client to develop therapeutic relationship with him, till she goes to him for interaction. • Reaction of the nurse in pre- interaction phase . • The nurse feels and thinks about the client before interaction according to her knowledge, fears and mis-concepts • Express feelings of inadequacy and fear of hurting or exploiting the client . • Fear of psychiatric clients related to the stereotyped psychiatric clients abusive and violent behavior. Orientation: • The parameters of the relationship are established (e.g., place of meeting, length, frequency, role or service offered, confidentiality, duration of relationship). • Trust, honesty, respect, …show more content…

 The therapeutic nurse-client relationship is established for the purpose of promoting client health and well-being.  RNs practice in accordance with standards for nursing practice and the Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses (CNA 2008).  RNs are responsible for setting and maintaining the appropriate boundaries within the therapeutic nurse-client relationship regardless of the wishes of a client or the setting in which the relationship occurs.  RNs are responsible and accountable for their own actions in the therapeutic nurseclient relationship, including actions which result in outcomes that may have been unintended, but should have been foreseen.  RNs recognize the impact that the determinants of health*and individual characteristics of the client have on both the therapeutic nurse-client relationship and the health of the client.

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