Essay On Obesity In America

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In America, as a nation, there is currently a huge battle regarding the obesity problem being paced in the United States. Obesity is likely being caused by the increase in the amounts of unhealthy foods available in our local schools and supermarkets as well as the difference in price between the healthy foods and unhealthy foods and how the food industry works. This obesity problem in the United States has recently evolved and is progressively worsening as the time goes on. Throughout the use of many different articles, there is clear evidence that this problem will continue to worsen until an effort is made to make a change and educate all the American citizens of how much damage is actually occurring to their bodies. More often than not, Americans will be driving through their city and realize that they are hungry. Instead of patiently waiting to eat until they return home, they will pull through a fast food place drive through and eat …show more content…

The unhealthy, bad foods, also known as junk food, can sometimes cost almost half the price of what items in produce would cost. Due to the differences in price, more often than not people will either turn to the junk food or even to fast food. In the documentary, Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock went 30 days with only eating McDonald’s for all three meals of the day. By the time day 21 came around, he began to wake up with a difficult time breathing which he described felt like major heart problems. By Spurlock partaking in this journey to prove how unhealthy the foods truly are, he was able to have the supersize me option eliminated. In addition, the supermarket is not the one who has the ability to change what foods they are providing to the consumers. The decision making process in all decided by food

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