Essay On Obesity In America

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Obesity rates in America go up every year. As stated in Food Research and Action Center, The obesity rates have doubled since the 1970’s. The percentage of overweight or obese people is at 68.5%. Many have blamed the fast food restaurants for this. The new LPC cafeteria, “Fresh and Natural”, decided to remove all fried foods and sugary drinks from it’s offering, perhaps because they prefer not to be blamed for making people obese. Although that would be a good idea, I disagree that they should get rid of those foods because there would be many complaints and it is really the peoples decision whether they want to eat the fried foods or not. It should not be the cafeterias responsibility. Even though removing the fried food and sugary drinks could be a benefit and helpful to many people, it could be upsetting to a lot of the students. There are some students that have faster metabolism and they don’t gain much weight when eating unhealthy foods, which is a benefit for them. There would be a raise of complaints growing and hardly anyone would go into that cafeteria. There would be only few people, for example people who are athletes or people who really watch what they eat. Instead of getting rid of the high-fat foods, “Fresh and …show more content…

Worse, it leads to “stigmatization,” which can lead to eating disorders, love self-esteem, and bad body image.” If the new LPC cafeteria got rid of the unhealthy foods, it could be problematic for the people around because they might think it is because of them and that they eat too much. Getting rid of the food wont really solve anything, it will only lead to less business and people will still be able to buy unhealthy foods elsewhere, like the bookstore, where they sell all kinds of snacks. However, leaving the foods there will not change anything, leaving less complaints, and more

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