Negative Changes In Oral Health

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There are some negative changes in oral health during pregnancy. If there is not adequate care to oral health in pregnancy, there may be some problems that occur in the mouth. Also some changes in the body like rise in estrogen hormone or vomiting and morning sickness may cause dental diseases. The most important diseases are gingivitis and periodontitis. These diseases not only affect the mother but also the health of the fetus. Also in general dental treatment does not have negative effect on the pregnant women or their babies. Beginning in the second or third month of pregnancy, estrogen and progesterone hormones cause gingivitis by affecting oral microflora.The treatment of this disease is the use of chlorhexidine mouthwashes and professional…show more content…
My purpose in this study is shed light on the lack of knowledge oral hygiene and researching the diseases factors and making of awareness. I collected data by searching literature and articles. Insufficient oral hygiene can cause oral cancer, dental cavities, mobile teeth, gingivitis, periodontitis and preterm birth. Dental treatment during pregnancy has no direct and severe damage on the mother and fetus. Simply, delaying the treatment because of the so called effects of amalgam and x-ray scan can cause more damage to oral health in the long term. Pregnant women can be protected from teeth decays, mobile teeth, oral tumor, gingivitis, periodontitis and preterm birth caused by periodontitis with regular dental…show more content…
Both some changes that occur in the body and the fact that the mother does not take care of her oral hygiene affect the mother as well as the fetus. Although the treatment of dental diseases in pregnancy, some problems are not completely solved.
Treatment of periodontitis; using amalgams or dental x-ray scans, using local anesthetics during pregnancy does not have adverse effects on pregnant women and their babies.
- Increased estrogen hormone with pregnancy and morning sickness have been shown to increase the tooth decay, gingivitis, and mobile teeth.
- Periodontitis is directly related to preterm birth.
- After the first three months, the oral tumor may develop and grow rapidly. It is not indistinguishable from oral pyogenic

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