Pros And Cons Of Hospital Birth

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Women have given birth in hospitals for decades, but before hospitals were available children were born in houses; without the high-tech medical assistance offered today. The controversial subject of giving birth at a hospital or giving birth in a home is widely deliberated between women around the world. There are pros and cons for each side of the argument, but hospital birth has more beneficial pros and fewer cons than at home birth. It is said that an at home birth is just as safe as giving birth at the hospital. However, if anything were to happen, there would be no medical attention present to assist the mother or the baby. A hospital birth is more beneficial than an at home birth, because if there are complications with the mother she …show more content…

In the United States alone,“ The pregnancy-related mortality ratios were 17.8 and 15.9 deaths per 100,000 live births in 2011 and 2012”(CDC 1). In 2011-2012 pregnancy-related deaths were caused by, “non-cardiovascular diseases, infection/sepsis, hemorrhage, cardiomyopathy, thrombotic pulmonary embolism..”.(HHS 1). These aren’t even all of the possibilities of what might happen, but majority of them can be helped with the correct medical attention. During childbirth, it is important to not only make sure that the baby is okay, but also the mother. A hospital is an ideal place to be if something might occur and there is a chance something will happen during childbirth. If the mother was not at the hospital during birth and there was a complication there would have to be time wasted to get her to the hospital. Additionally, it would also take time to get the mother the correct medical attention and supplies she needs. It is important to keep the mother healthy before the birth as well as throughout so that in turn the baby has a higher chance of being healthy.
Of course, those who choose to give an at home birth argue that it is more natural. Home birth is said to be, “an option for healthy pregnant women with no risk factors for complications during pregnancy, labor or delivery” (Pregnancy 1). It also helps the mother feel comfortable, due to it being in her own home, …show more content…

It is said that, “Labor pain is one of the most severe pains which has ever evaluated and its fear is one of the reasons women wouldn’t go for natural delivery”(US Nat’l Library of Medicine, 1). There would be no medicine available for the mother to assist her at the house. Some women can handle pain, but for others it can cause severe problems. If the mother can’t handle the pain during childbirth, it may cause fatigue and may put too much stress on the body. This could cause the mother to lose consciousness, which in turn means she would not be able to push the baby out. This would cause complications not only for the mother, but also for the

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