Application Of Johari's Theory

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A useful tool to understand and assess the self-awareness, interpersonal relationships, personal development, group dynamics, team development, improving communication, and inter group relationships. Assessment traits of Johari are soft skills, cooperation, and empathy, inter group development, behavior, and interpersonal development. It is also referred as “disclosure/feedback model of awareness”.
4 regions of Johari Open area/Open Self – What is known by the person & others about himself Blind area/Blind Self – Unknown by the person, known by others about himself Hidden area/Hidden self – Known by person, unknown by others about himself Unknown area/Unknown self – Unknown by both person & others about
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This theory helps in identifying the drivers of the team, this information helps in planning the rewards, goals and feedback for these types of dominant motivators.
Needs assessments are based on 3 needs for any individual, they are need for achievement, need for affiliation and need for power. Strong power motivators are of 2 kinds i.e. personal and institutional.
Personal powers drive want to control others, while institutional powers work for companies goals by molding others. These powers may be developed through our life experiences or culture. Achievers like to sacrifice or trade off anything to achieve their goals, people with strong affiliation value the relationships as Self for others, and people that needs power just want to dominate others and control them.
TKI is used to measure a person’s behavior in conflict situation, Conflicts are those that occur when two people have concerns and are not compatible to each other. There can be 2 outcomes of these
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Ambition & political acumen should go hand in hand because one cannot survive without the other. Someone has ambition but if he doesn’t have political acumen to clear his path to achieve his ambition then his path is not a cake walk, he might have to abandon in the whole thing. A leader with good political acumen can plan his path, can overtake his retaliators, and can outperform all others to achieve his goal.
Mobilizing people has always been the hardest challenge for any leader, leader should understand why someone will follow someone else’s path! It can be for money, power, association, culture etc. but one person will follow other if he sees some tangible or intangible benefit in return, some leaders will use their power, some use their resources, but some use their ideas and beliefs to mobilize people. But mobilizing people by just ideas or beliefs is the most difficult one of all other things, but if it is a success then it is the strongest force to achieve anything like freedom struggle, Anna Hazare’s cause etc. Leadership is not a result of one or 2 resources from the top resource list, leadership is a result of all of these six resources developed and used
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