Essay On Pollution In Sydney Beaches

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How pollution ends up on Sydney beaches There are numerous sources of pollution resulting in mass amounts up on Sydney beaches. It is estimated that 80% of rubbish in aquatic environments comes from land, with the remaining 20% from human activities. Pollution can end in the ocean from nonpoint source pollution, which is the result of runoff from substances such as septic tanks and topsoil. Another source is storm water drains that pick up rubbish and chemicals from gutters making it flow directly to the ocean. Nonpoint source pollution One of the biggest sources of pollution is called nonpoint pollution, which occurs as a result of runoff. These sources are septic tanks, cars, trucks, boats plus larger sources such as farms and forest …show more content…

The excess water flowing along the streets picks up litter, oil and other materials, which is then carried into the sea. Majority of the pollution entering the sea is from storm water drains; this is dangerous to the marine life as the water flowing through the storm water is also carrying harmful chemicals that can result in death the creatures. Impacts on the marine life There are a many ocean pollutants that threaten marine life. Pollution leads to unhealthy oceans and even death to the creatures living in it. The concern on ocean pollution is a growing problem that has no clear resolution insight. Litter and other debris The increase in litter and other debris on the ocean surface comes with many serious problems to the marine life. The main types of litter found in the ocean are cigarettes, caps/lids, plastic bottles plastic bags and food beverages. These items find there way to marine life when then are digested by the creatures. Plastic can stick to marine life and affect their swimming and breathing. The small plastic remains can be mistaken by food, which then can kill them by filling up their stomach or digestive

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