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Proteins are macromolecules consisting of chains of amino acids. They facilitate human survival by acting as agents to enhance biochemical reactions, structural components of body cells for growth and repair, and energy reserves. This essay would discuss the major roles of proteins in body metabolism, homeostasis, body defence mechanism, grow and repair, and transportation of substances.

Enzymes are important proteins for body metabolism and reproduction processes, such as DNA replication. They work as biological catalysts which lower the activation energy of reactions. They remain unchanged after reactions, and are highly specific to catalyze only one type of reaction. Their activities are affected by temperature and pH value of environments. Body metabolism is divided into two types, namely catabolism and anabolism.
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Enzymes can provide alternative pathways for the reactions and lower the activation energy. Thus, reactions that are thermodynamically unfavourable can take place and the series of linked electron transporting reactions can be driven (Chance et al. 1956). Since our body temperature is normally at around 37 degree Celcius, the chain reaction in glycolysis and Krebs Cycle would stop without the presence of enzymes, which may lead to death.

During chemical digestion which occurs along the alimentary canal, the stomach and pancreas would secret digestive juices together with enzymes. These enzymes, for instance, amylase and peptidase, are important for the breaking down (hydrolyzing) process of converting starch into glucose and peptide into amino acids for body absorption. Once digestive enzymes are absent, these complex molecules cannot be converted into simple molecules. It may result in malnutrition, causing dizziness and anemia in severe

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