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Selfish America Abortion is a currently very controversial issue in America, with a recent survey of over 1,000 people identifying that 47% were pro-choice, while 46% were pro-life (“U.S. Still Split”). With such an equal split, many people find themselves disagreeing with others, and are desperate for a decision on the issue that is congruous with their own opinion. The dystopian novel Unwind, by Neal Shusterman, takes place in a future where the debate went so far as to spark a civil war, which was eventually mediated with compromise: children must be allowed to live to the age of thirteen, at which point the parent or guardian, until the child turns eighteen, may choose “unwinding”, a euphemism for a surgery in which the body is kept alive and split up so that the parts can be transplanted. This led to many runaways trying to escape the procedure, overcrowded orphanages full of children who were required to be born despite parents with no intention of keeping them, and even “storking”, where a newborn can be left on a doorstep by the mother, legally forcing the new family to take care of it. However, there were also various benefits: teens who would…show more content…
With both of these problems continually getting worse, and very little being done in response, our own society, like that in Unwind, will eventually be desperate for anything to be done to alleviate the growing dilemmas. Nonetheless, this alarming outcome may be avoided; both issues are predominantly fueled by selfishness, and therefore, if Americans put aside self-centered attitudes and helped others, whether by registering as donors, helping at-risk teens, or in some other way, our society would be a much better

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