Essay On Should America Have A Million Dollars In Debt

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Currently America is nationally nineteen trillion dollars in debt. If America is struggling to economically grow or even maintain itself at the time then how is it possible to help maintain other countries with such prodigious amounts of financial aid. America spends thirty five billion dollars per year to aid for other countries. This contributes to the current economic imbalance . I know what many are probably thinking what about medicare and obamacare. Such debts are benefitting the population therefore why should these come to an end. Most of the major recipients of our financial aid spend it towards strengthening their military rather than their people such as Israel and Egypt. If America were to lessen its financial aid and other countries…show more content…
Countries such as Norway or Ireland give little and seem to be thriving more than others, but fail to contribute major amounts compared to countries that are worse. They have the capability to make more of a change. The whole idea is simply of balance. If one nation lessens another should increase it all depends on the economic development of the country. Ireland is currently in debt around 200 billion and rising which is considerably less than the debt for America and China. Norway is around 56 billion dollars in debt and that drastically differs from our 19 trillion. Ireland and around 28 other countries all are a part of the European Union and contribute much yet they all joined together in financial aid in order to in a way hide the fact each individually don’t generate as much. Countries such as Switzerland are overall generally successful due to them thriving in a world of happiness countries worldwide. This proves the point I am attempting to showcase. Switzerland is known to invest in their people and not assist in financial aid rather make sure their population is satisfied. If America were to opt out of the billions of amounts of funding our economy would slowly grow as Switzerland’s

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