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Role of solar shading Active solar design

Active solar design uses the mechanical and electrical equipment to convert solar energy to heat and electric power. This design can generate much more heat than a passive one. For this design we need a solar collector to absorb solar energy. [24] Active solar collectors They are usually solar panels which consists of PV cells, (the device which convert light from the sun into electricity.) Active solar design must utilize the substance to act as a conductor .Hence, heat and electricity can be stored and transferred. This substance is typically air and liquid. Active systems that use air are referred to air collectors (a system that absorb the energy through the air). Those one which use liquid as a collector are called
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Although internal blinds and curtains can move sideways or up and down, the external ones can cut the sun before it hits the glass. When sun passes through the window as short-wave radiation, some part of it will be absorbed by walls, furniture, floors, etc. so the room is heated up. [27]. European solar shading organization (ESSO) is one of the organizations which is working on this area and founded in 2005 and also covers 18 European countries.
In addition to all benefits of external ones, if the heat inside the living space exceeds the demand, external shading elements e.g. window blinds are more efficient than internal ones e.g. shutters since it stops the heat before entering inside of the house. However, external shading needs to be waterproof and thus more demanding in terms of design.
Moreover, in the example done by Martin Kaltschmitt [2] we can see the internal Window blinds reduce the inside temperature more slightly than the external ones, meaning when we use the external blinds we reduce the inside temperature by several degrees kelvin so that no additional cooling is

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