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Abstract- Space debris is non-functional man-made objects in earth’s orbits. Their number has increased tremendously in the last few decades due to the advent of space missions. Their increasing number has become a threat to the operational satellites and space crafts. This paper makes a survey of the threats posed by space debris and creates an urge to mitigate them. The paper also makes a review of the detection schemes employed to detect the space debris in order to build models to determine their orbits and to keep track of their population. Index terms- Space debris, satellites, space missions, optical detectors. 1. Introduction Science has seen tremendous growth and this is evident from the domains like human computer interaction, brain computer interface [p], internet, automobiles, aviation, marine expeditions and ultimately space missions. The man-made non-operational objects of rockets, old…show more content…
There are a number of constraints to be undertaken while performing surveys for space debris in high-altitude objects: 1) Milky Way: The detection technique requires the elimination of star fields without which the area to be scanned gets reduced to an undesirable degree. Hence the Milky Way must be avoided. 2) Moonlight: Moonlight must be avoided since it reduces the detection limit by increasing the sky background. 3) Shadow from the Earth and the Moon: GTO/GEO objects are to be observed closed to the Earth’s shadow to maximize their apparent brightness and to minimize their phase angle. But they shouldn’t be observed inside the Earth’s shadow. Space debris in the geostationary ring either enters the Moon’s penumbra or the Earth’s shadow

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